'Shame' of affair boss outed online

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A plumber used Twitter and a host of websites to expose graphic details about his wife's "deceitful" affair with her multimillionaire boss, a court heard today.

Ian Puddick, 41, blogged and posted videos online in a campaign of harassment which left "most of the country" aware of his wife's 10-year relationship with insurance firm director Timothy Haynes, it was claimed.

Mr Haynes told City of Westminster magistrates that both he and his wife needed counselling after the "embarrassment and shame" of neighbours and colleagues receiving texts and phone calls.

"I think most of the country - thanks to the internet - is aware I had an affair," Mr Haynes, who lost his job as a result of the relationship, said.

Mr Haynes, from Billingshurst, West Sussex, admitted he had been "deceitful" but said Puddick should have taken up his anger with him alone.

His affair with Leena Puddick, which gathered pace after they slept together at a Christmas party in 2002, was exposed after her husband read a text message on her mobile phone in 2009.

The court heard details of emails and text messages that Mr Haynes had sent her in previous years.

One text found on her mobile phone said: "Where do you want to have sex next - in the office, al fresco, at the flat, or all three? You greedy girl."

Other messages said that she was "incredibly sensual" and that she was "lovely and the most desirable girl in the world".

After the affair ended, he sent another message saying "giving you pleasure is a great feeling for me".

Another message detailed how Mrs Puddick was "reassuringly expensive" because of her expensive taste in champagne.

Mr Haynes, who was investigated by his employer, Guy Carpenter, for his expenses claim, said he paid for the champagne out of his own pocket.

Puddick's counsel, Michael Wolkind QC, asked Mr Haynes if he was "not to be trusted because you are a dishonest and deceitful man?"

"What is it about the website that you are moaning about?" the barrister added.

"You suffered the same degree of harassment that a burglar does when he is caught by the police."

The court heard how counter-terrorism officers helped with the investigation after the incident was reported to police.

Mr Haynes had initially made a complaint after receiving text messages and phone calls but dropped charges in a bid to put the incident behind him.

He complained again to police in 2010 after Puddick, from Enfield, north London, set up websites and detailed the affair on Twitter, the court heard.

Mr Haynes added: "Every medium including Twitter was being utilised to create information about myself and the affair.

"The whole thing is causing my wife upset and distress. We are very anxious that, with the graphic nature of the website, that children do not stumble across it."

He added that he "was deceitful", but said: "I like to think of myself as an honest person."

When asked if he loved Mrs Puddick, Mr Haynes added: "I did love her as a friend and felt a moral responsibility."

Puddick bought a number of web names, including "Banksyunmasked", in the build up for his website detailing the affair, the court heard.

He also set up a fake LinkedIn page to expose potential clients of Mr Haynes to lurid details about the insurance broker's private life, it was said.

Speaking outside court, Puddick said: "It is a very, very interesting story. I wish it was happening to somebody else and not me.

"But there are obviously big legal implications for the press and for the public. I've stood my ground."

Lawyers believe the three-day hearing could help define the limits of free expression online.

Mr Haynes' wife, Anya, told how her past two years had been "turned upside down".

She said Puddick's actions had frightened her.

Before launching the internet campaign, Puddick came to see her at the couple's home to tell her about the affair.

She added: "I strongly believe that the only reason he first saw me... He only did that to use me and make me as emotional and distressed as possible.

"He made me very, very frightful.

"I have been through stages where I could not physically function. I have struggled to look after my children, struggled to work... It's been everywhere."

Speaking outside court, a police source said, contrary to the defence's claims, counter-terrorism officers were not used during the investigation.

The hearing was adjourned until tomorrow when Puddick is due to give evidence.