Show of force to deter Saturday night trouble


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Police forces around England will have an increased presence on the streets tonight to counter fears of more drink-fuelled trouble.

Forces in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Nottingham – the cities worst hit by riots – will stage shows of force to deter gangs from coming out on to the streets. Speaking during a visit to Enfield, north London, which was hit by rioters on Monday night, Home Secretary, Theresa May, said: "We will be sustaining the numbers for a period of time. We have had some quieter nights, but we are not complacent about that."

Ms May said officers would be brought in from areas not affected by the riots to help maintain levels if necessary. A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police could not give exact numbers, but said: "We are operationally ready to deal with any disturbances."

Greater Manchester Police had "no intelligence" on any disturbances, but would maintain the numbers that have been out in the past few nights.

A spokeswoman for West Midlands Police said they would have about 6,200 police out on the streets this weekend. "If suddenly we have indication that something is happening then we can increase [the numbers]," the spokeswoman said.

On a walkabout in Croydon yesterday, London Mayor, Boris Johnson, said "the right level of policing" was now in place in the capital.