Supermarket worker admits murdering colleague

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A supermarket worker today admitted murdering a colleague following a row on the night shift.

Robert McCulloch, 35, chased Roman Romasov through the Sainsbury's store in Aberdeen before stabbing him to death with a kitchen knife.

The High Court in Edinburgh heard McCulloch did not like the way Mr Romasov was "going about his work".

Lithuanian national Mr Romasov, 28, moved to the UK in 2004 and was studying mechanical engineering at a college in Aberdeen.

Advocate-depute Alex Prentice QC said McCulloch and his victim had both been on the night shift at the Berryden store in April when an argument broke out.

Mr Prentice said: "It seems that the argument started because the deceased while working dropped crates on to the floor and the accused did not like the way in which the deceased was going about his work."

Later in the week on another night shift, said Mr Prentice, there was an "atmosphere between them" and they were seen arguing in the canteen.

The prosecutor added: "This argument is variously described by other members of staff as being 'childish' and 'petty'."

Later in the night McCulloch was seen shaking and out of breath by a witness.

McCulloch told the witness he had just been in a fight with Mr Romasov, and claimed the Lithuanian had said he would kill him.

McCulloch was then said to have told the witness: "There's nothing for it, it's the bread knife."

Staff became concerned when McCulloch walked to and from the knife section of the store a number of times, and they began to follow him.

The shop manager later saw McCulloch pulling a knife from its packaging and chasing Mr Romasov.

The victim fell just before he reached a doorway, but the manager "rugby tackled" McCulloch to the ground.

However, he was able to free himself enough to stab his victim several times before staff could stop him.

Mr Prentice said that when police officers cautioned him in connection with attempted murder, McCulloch replied: "What you mean, I didn't do it properly?"

Lord Brodie deferred sentence until next month for background reports.