Teacher's 'affair with 17-year-old girl exposed after father spotted love bite'

Nia Davies is appearing before a professional hearing over her alleged 'sexually motivated' relationship

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A teacher was sacked after an affair with a 17-year-old girl after the student's father saw a love bite on his daughter’s neck, a hearing was told. 

Film and media lecturer Nia Davies allegedly began a 10-month “sexual relationship” with her teenager pupil during which she exchanged “thousands” of inappropriate messages. It was also claimed the 31-year-old shared a bed with her A-level student during trips to London galleries, The Telegraph reports.

Ms Davies faces being struck off over the alleged relationship. She was dismissed by her college in Llanelli, 

The Education Workforce Council hearing was told how the student’s police officer father made a referral to her college after noticing what he described as love bites on her neck. He also alerted his colleagues, but the hearing was told Ms Davies was never charged. The teenager told police they had kissed and shared a bed, though she denied they ever had sex, reports WalesOnline.

The student, now 19, told the hearing she had never admitted to anyone, including the police, that she had kissed her teacher, saying they were "confused".

"We sent texts but they were social texts. They were only in the tens, not the thousands. I never admitted kissing Nia to my father, it's completely untrue. That conversation never happened and I can't explain it. We've had a conversation about my sexuality before, and I think there's a lot of confusion to be honest. Nia was just a supportive lecturer."


The hearing continues.