Terror suspect friends with Abu Hamza’s sons

Law student Erol Incedal claims he was plotting a robbery and not terror attack

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A man accused of plotting a Mumbai-style terrorist attack in Britain had planned an armed robbery with the three sons of the radical cleric Abu Hamza, his partially-secret trial heard.

Erol Incedal sketched out ideas for a planned heist during university lectures which he proposed to raise with the three brothers who had a history of carrying out post office robberies and fraud, the Old Bailey heard.

Mr Incedal, who is accused of planning an act of terrorism, with Tony Blair a potential target, gave evidence at his trial but only part of it was heard in public.

The plan for the robbery was hatched while the law student had money problems and struggled to provide for his wife and their two children, the court was told.

He began to consider an armed robbery and scribbled down notes during his lectures at South Bank University which were later found at his home, the judge said.

Mr Incedal denies planning an act of terrorism and of possessing a bomb-making manual on a memory card. The case continues.