Three found guilty of raping teenager


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Three men have been convicted of raping and sexually assaulting a vulnerable young girl. The men, who – along with two others – were suspected of running a child sex abuse ring in London, were found guilty on five separate counts.

Naeem Ahmed, 25, Nabeel Ahmed, 24, and Hassan Raza, 23, were told to expect jail terms after they were convicted of sexual offences against a teenage girl. But none of the five defendants who stood trial at Snaresbrook Crown Court was found guilty of forcing girls into prostitution.

The case follows high-profile convictions relating to sex rings –  made up mostly of Pakistani men – targeting girls for sexual exploitation in Oxford and Rochdale.

Naeem, the ringleader, was arrested by police investigated concerns about two girls under the care of Essex County Council.

Naeem, Nabil and Nabil’s brother Jameel Ahmed, 25, were acquitted of charges relating to three other girls. A fifth suspect, Anas Iqbal, 26, faces a retrial on charges of rape and attempted rape of two further girls.