Derek Acorah car crash: TV psychic Derek Acorah charged with careless driving

Police say the Merseyside-based medium charged with careless driving and failure to provide a breath test

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The TV psychic Derek Acorah has been charged with careless driving and failing to complete a breathalyser test after his red Nissan sports car crashed into a Ford KA.

The 63-year-old medium, best known for starring in the Living TV show Most Haunted, has been bailed after the incident at 6.15pm in Southport, Merseyside, on Saturday.

Two other people involved in the crash, the 52-year-old female driver of the KA and her 21-year-old male passenger, were taken to hospital with what were described as “whiplash-type” injuries.

The driver told the Mirror: “We were traveling at around 30mph and it felt like we were hit head on. The car spun round about 45 degrees.

“Fortunately we were not seriously injured but we felt really shook up.

“As soon as he got out of the car I recognised Derek Acorah and then other drivers who had seen the crash came over to try and help.”

Merseyside Police said Mr Acorah had been charged under his real name, Derek Johnson. A spokesperson told the Liverpool Echo: “Derek Johnson, aged 63, from Scarisbrick, Southport has been charged with careless driving and failing to supply a specimen of breath for analysis.”

He has been released on bail and is due to appear at Sefton Magistrates Court on 30 December.

Most Haunted made headlines in March this year when an episode shown at teatime was found to have breached Ofcom’s broadcasting code. The episode included Mr Acorah being “possessed” by a child said to have been whipped and a woman the show claimed was responsible for the death of a child.

The programme claimed to carry out a live séance with Michael Jackson in 2009 – and was subsequently voted the worst TV show of that year in a poll of more than 9,000 viewers.