Tweed and friend 'raped teenager as team'

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A property developer today denied that he worked as a "team" with Jack Tweed to rape a teenager they had targeted as the "quiet one".

Anthony Davis, 26, said he walked into the bedroom of Tweed, the widower of Big Brother star Jade Goody, and "enjoyed" seeing the pair having sex.

He told jurors at Snaresbrook Crown Court, in east London, that he pulled his trousers down after he saw the woman "leaning back" and looking towards him.

She then performed oral sex on him, after which he asked: "Oh, do you like that?"

He said that she replied: "Yeah."

The court heard Davis had stood in front of the door of Tweed's bedroom, in Woodford Green, east London, and prevented the woman's friends from entering.

Prosecutor Linda Strudwick, cross-examining, suggested to Davis that he had a "function" to perform as "doorkeeper".

"The reason you are there, Mr Davis, is because you had a function, a job, that job is as the doorkeeper. You are there to stop her leaving and you are there to stop anyone else coming in," said Ms Strudwick.

As she made the statement, Davis repeatedly said: "No."

She described Davis as the "instigator" of the rape.

"This was a girl that the two of you had decided to have, whether she liked it or not," said Ms Strudwick. "You were working as a team."

Davis replied: "100%, we wasn't."

Ms Strudwick suggested Davis had "grabbed" and "pushed" the woman and then "called Jack in".

"You targeted that girl as the quiet one," she added.

Davis denied each suggestion and later added: "I didn't force her at all."

Davis, of Chigwell, Essex, and Tweed, 22, both deny rape.