Victim aged 110 had pocket picked

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Taking candy from a baby might be frowned upon but age is little barrier for some thieves. Scotland Yard has revealed that two one-year-old girls and one 110-year-old were among the victims of pickpockets last year.

A total of 27,336 people were pickpocketed in London in 2011, most often on the street or in nightclubs.

The age at which someone is most likely to be pickpocketed is 23, according to the figures, revealed following a Freedom of Information request.

Women aged 23 are more than twice as likely as men to be targeted and more women than men of any age were pickpocketed last year.

Babies and the elderly were also targets. One 110-year-old, eight 99-year-olds and 28 90-year-olds fell victim to thieves while two one-year-old girls and a two-year-old boy had their property stolen.

Credit cards are the most commonly stolen possession, with 16,110 taken in 2011 along with 15,205 mobile phones.