What happens to Jon Venables now he has been released from prison

Killer must demonstrate he is living a responsible life and has been successfully rehabilitated

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Jon Venables will be monitored for the rest of his life - and risks immediate return to prison if he breaks any of a series of conditions attached be allowed to return to the outside world.

Life sentence prisoners have to report regularly - typically once a week - to the probation officer in charge of their supervision.

Venables will be expected to live permanently at one address and to inform his supervising officer if he moves home. He will also have to obtain permission to travel abroad. If he finds work, his job will have to be approved as suitable.

Above all, he will be expected not to commit fresh offences, however minor, and to demonstrate he is living a responsible life and has been successfully rehabilitated.

Other conditions will be attached to the terms of his release. They are certain to include a prohibition against heavy drinking or drug-taking.

He will also be barred from returned to Merseyside, which was a key stipulation of his previous parole. On that occasion he was found to have breached it several times by going to nightclubs and football matches in Liverpool.

Venables could also be required to observe a curfew.

A condition of release of prisoners serving life sentences says: “He shall be well behaved and not do anything which could undermine the purposes of supervision on licence which are to protect the public, by ensuring their safety would not be placed at risk, and to secure his successful reintegration into the community.”