Woman in fight with carjackers to save Volvo

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A woman who has been recovering from breast cancer fought off a gang of armed carjackers who were trying to steal her luxury car, police said yesterday.

Geraldine Bridgewood, 41, kicked and pushed the three robbers after they demanded the keys to her £28,000 Volvo outside her house in Bury New Road, Prestwich, Greater Manchester. She hit out as one of the gang brandished a monkey wrench at her. The commotion alerted her husband and 18-year-old son, who chased away the men. The attackers were white and aged about 20.

Mrs Bridgewood, who overcame cancer in December after treatment, said she had worked hard for the car and was not going to let anyone take it.

"I'm no 'have-a-go hero' but I would do this again to protect my property," she said. "The car is mine. Why should I hand it over to thieves?"

Police appealed for witnesses to the incident, which occurred at about 9pm on Wednesday. They said it was an "extremely nasty attack by organised criminals".