Woman rushed to help 'Tube bomber'

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A woman rushed to help one of the alleged July 21 terrorists after he detonated his rucksack bomb because she thought he had been shot, a court heard.

Ann Coyne, a bank manager, was travelling towards Shepherd's Bush with her mother-in-law, Evelyn. She told Woolwich Crown Court that there was a loud bang and she saw Hussain Osman hit the roof of the train and land at her feet. Mrs Coyne did not realise what had happened: "I thought it was like a shot, like a gun.

"I remember sitting on my side going over to the lad lying on the floor and saying something like 'Are you OK, mate?'."

She went on: "It wasn't until my mother-in-law grabbed my back and said 'He hasn't been shot, it is a bomb', then I looked and on his back there was all this foam stuff coming out."

Mr Osman, 28, of no fixed abode, is one of six men who deny charges of conspiracy to murder and conspiracy to cause an explosion. The trial continues.