Woman sentenced for killing lover


A hammer-wielding pregnant woman who battered her lover in the head was jailed today for his killing.

Nadia Boukhari was sentenced at the Old Bailey to seven years in prison for the manslaughter of Paul Duffy.

Their housemate, John Green, was jailed for life, with a minimum term of 14 years, for murder.

The court heard he stabbed Mr Duffy after a fight broke out between the couple in a friend's living room in north London.

Mr Duffy, 40, attacked Boukhari, who was two months pregnant with his child, in a friend's living room after she refused to give him a cigarette.

Boukhari, 43, then picked up a hammer and struck Mr Duffy, her boyfriend of two years, three times, fracturing his skull.

Green, 48, stabbed Mr Duffy twice in the chest with a kitchen knife.

Mr Duffy staggered outside the house, in Stoke Newington, and collapsed and died of internal bleeding in hospital.

Boukhari has since had a miscarriage, the court heard.

Judge Brian Barker, the Common Serjeant of London, said: "The actions of you both were a complete over-reaction to Mr Duffy's aggressive and drunken behaviour."

The trio, who lived together at Craven Park Road, Stoke Newington, were alcoholics and had been drinking on the day of Mr Duffy's death.

Judge Barker said Green had not intended to kill Mr Duffy.