Disabled boy's tricycle stolen: Help find Harry's trike

Expensive specialist trike taken from Surrey garden

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The mother of a disabled 12-year-old has made an emotional appeal for thieves to return her son’s tricycle after it was taken from their garden whilst he was at respite care.

Lisa Walsh said that her son Harry’s life has been “totally wrecked” by the loss of the trike, which was specially adapted for her child, who has a rare chromosome disorder.

The tricycle went missing on Sunday from the family home in Sunbury, Surrey. Ms Walsh thinks the specialist Pashley Tri-1 Tricycle was purposefully targeted and wants to make people aware if they see the distinctive tricycle.

She told The Independent: “He has very few play skills, he’s not interested in the television, he doesn’t like Nintendo, that tricycle is how he spends his time. He can’t ride a two wheeled bike.

“It’s heartbreaking. He doesn’t understand why it isn’t there anymore. He keeps asking for it and I have to explain every time. This was specially adapted for him. I don’t know what anyone would want with it. It cost £840 and until I can order a new one his life is basically wrecked. It beggars belief somebody would do something like this.”

If you have any information please call Surrey Police on 101 and quote crime reference number 45140033682.