Distraught husband is found hanged

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THE HUSBAND of a murder victim killed himself because he could not live without her, police said yesterday, writes David Connett. Robin Hood, 45, hanged himself in the garage of the family home in Paisley, near Glasgow, close to where his wife Marion was clubbed to death by intruders 72 hours earlier.

'It would appear that he could not live without her,' a Strathclyde Police spokesman said. The hunt for Mrs Hood's murderer is continuing. Det Supt Bobby Redmond, the man leading the hunt, said Mr Hood left messages for his children, Kenneth, 16, and Pamela 19, indicating that he was missing his wife.

Mrs Hood, 45, a civilian police worker, died from 'terrible' injuries in hospital on Friday morning, two days after being attacked outside their home, which she and her husband were decorating.

She was struck several times with a metal bar when she went to get a tin of paint from the garage of the house in Birchwood Drive. Mr Redmond said Mr Hood left to walk the dog at 5pm on Saturday. They were later seen about 300 yards from the house. But at 6pm the dog returned alone. Mr Hood's sister, Margaret Blaze, found him in the garage.