Drunk student, 18, crashed at cab driver's house to watch Take Me Out after falling asleep in taxi

The picture of the taxi driver has gone viral with at least 25,000 retweets

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A student had to spend the aftermath of a night out on a taxi driver’s sofa after his friends failed to get him out of the cab and was he left behind in a drunken sleep.

Mike Allison, 18, and the group of 20 clubbers were celebrating one of their birthdays earlier this month in Deansgate Locks, Manchester, before climbing into a taxi at 4am.

None of his friends checked to see if he had got off with them in Northwich, Cheshire. He was left rolled up and sleeping at the back of the mini bus cab while the driver was oblivious to what happened.

Mike woke up in the taxi around 17 miles (27km) away in Stretford with the sight of the taxi driver locking up the vehicle and walking towards his house.

He told Buzzfeed: “I wake up in Stretford around 4.30am by hearing the sound of the engine stop.

“As you would expect I s*** myself! I looked around and couldn’t see anyone, and so thought one of my drinks had been spiked and that I had been kidnapped or something.”

After making his presence known to the driver, he was forced to decide whether to fork out £50 for the fare back or to stay in the warmth of the driver’s house, who was finishing his shift for the night.

Having chosen to not pay the fare, he rang his friends who did not answer his calls. Mike drank tea with the driver and watched television while trying to figure out what to do.

He added: “I don’t want to make the driver look like a weirdo though, because he was very helpful after I messed up.

“So I go into his house, and he offers me a brew and some food. I stayed there for about an hour watching Take Me Out.”

To prove to his disbelieving friend that the story was true, Mike posted a picture of the television screen at the taxi driver’s house on Twitter. His previous picture of the host went viral with more than 25,000 retweets so far.

Mike was eventually picked up by friends several hours later.

He said he doesn’t know the driver’s name or what company he works for - but wants to thank him for his hospitality, according to Manchester Evening News.