Drunken schoolgirl 'raped by boy, 13': Victim bullied by 'friends', court told

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A SCHOOLGIRL was raped on a garage floor by a 13-year- old boy after drinking a mixture of strong cider and fortified wine, a court was told yesterday.

The crime was the culmination of a night of humiliation and drunkenness for the 14- year-old victim, the trial heard.

Rosamund Horwood- Smart, for the prosecution, said the girl from Mildenhall, Suffolk, could not bring herself to report the alleged attack for several weeks. She eventually told a teacher and the police were called.

The victim had been frightened of the boy, whom she knew as a bully, Miss Horwood-Smart said. But, with another girl, she became friendly with him.

All three went to the boy's home on 5 December last year where he and the other girl ganged up on the victim, forcing her to smoke cannabis from a pipe.

The boy, now 14, has pleaded not guilty to rape and two accusations of indecent assault against the girl.

He is appearing before the youth court at Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. The case will be moved to Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, today so that video evidence can be given by the girl.

Miss Horwood-Smart told the court that the three went to the victim's home and persuaded her mother to buy alcoholic drinks for them.

She bought TNT, a strong cider, and Thunderbird, a fortified wine.

'The 14-year-old girl drank much more than the other two, who made a mixture of TNT and Thunderbird, and the girl drank that. It made her more drunk and more ill.

'There came the time when they went to a chicken-and- chips shop and chips were thrown at her, threats were made to throw her in the river, and she collapsed and pretended to be ill.'

Miss Horwood-Smart said the night continued with a 'reefer' cigarette being smoked at the boy's house.

The defendant was 'the author of the bullying' and had squirted hairspray into the victim's mouth, smeared hair mousse in her face and poured bleach on her hair and shoulders, damaging a coat.

Miss Horwood-Smart said that after the girl collapsed and pretended to be ill, the boy kicked her and dragged her to her feet.

At about 9.30pm the other girl said that she had to go home and demanded a pair of trainers from the alleged victim, which she had lent to her earlier.

The schoolgirl and the boy went to his parents' home and the girl collapsed against a tree in the garden.

She was sexually assaulted and then dragged into an outbuilding in the garden, Miss Horwood-Smart said.

'There she was subjected to oral sex and the boy had forceful sexual intercourse with her against her will.'

In the days after the alleged rape, the bullying continued. The boy and other children cut her hair, leaving her almost bald, and she was threatened with burning with a cigarette, it was alleged.