Essex police release video of couple on the run ramming two vehicles

Video: Essex police have released the shocking footage in a bid to catch the criminals who have both failed to comply with bail conditions

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Police in Essex have released footage of Essex’s modern-day version of Bonnie and Clyde.

The video shows two separate incidents: one where a vehicle reversed into a police motorcycle, and the other which shows a different vehicle ramming into police car before speeding off.

Essex Police published the video on their YouTube page as part of an appeal to find a man who is wanted in connection with a spate of burglaries across East Anglia. It is believed the man stole cars and other valuables worth more than £500,000.

Police believe the man is 23-year-old Luke Wall who is missing after breaching crown court bail conditions.

He is believed to be travelling with his 20-year-old partner Teresa Connors. She is wanted for breaching court bail conditions for burglary offences.

Wall was released on bail conditions at Ipswich Crown Court on July 29 but he failed to comply and removed his electronic monitoring tag. Connors is also in breach of bail conditions from July 28 and she also failed to turn up at Grays police station on August 19.

The first video shows a police motorcyle pulling up behind a vehicle on the hard should of the M11 in Cambridgeshire on June 9 of this year. As the policeman says into his radio, "Urgent, swapping drivers, stand by, stand by," the car in front reverses suddenly, sending the driver and his bike crashing to the floor. The vehicle speeds off as the injured policeman radios, "I've been rammed, I've been rammed! Ambulance please".

The next incident took place three days later on the M25 in Hertfordshire. This time a marked police car is positioned behind the offending vehicle and a policeman gets out to question the driver. As he approaches the vehicle, the car reverses into the police car behind and forces the policeman to jump over a barrier to stop himself from being injured.

DCI Paul Maleary of Essex Police said: "We are working with our colleagues in Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire as we need to trace these two people urgently as they are suspected of continuing to commit burglary crimes after breaching court bail conditions. 

“The CPS have taken an unusual step and agreed that we can release some of the CCTV footage of police vehicles being rammed to show how important it is that we find those responsible as quickly as possible.”

Essex Police said that anyone who sees either Luke Wall or Teresa Connors should call 999 immediately.