Fish farm is sued over 'spoilt sport'

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FLY fishermen who feel their sport has been ruined by an invasion of farm-reared rainbow trout, which they say are too easy to catch, took their greviance to Swindon County Court yesterday in what is seen as a test case.

The 35 members of the Savernake Fly Fishing Club are seeking damages against insurers for Gale and Ainslie Limited's Church Farm at Mildenhall, near Marlborough, Wiltshire. The fish farm has since closed.

The club is seeking to prove that the fish farm is liable through negligence or nuisance over two escapes of rainbow trout from the fish farm in 1990. Damages of pounds 10,500, for the club as a whole, are being asked for. It is claimed 40 per cent of the 1990 season was spoilt by the rainbow invasion.

The case, which continues today, hopes to establish the principle that trout farms should be liable for rainbow trout that escape into brown trout waters. Other cases are expected to be brought if Savernake is successful.

Roy Broderick, secretary and treasurer of the club, said: 'Any club that takes more than 500 rainbows in a brown trout river is suffering'.