Gays aim to deter attackers

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Homosexuals in London are to approach a council in an effort to curb an alleged escalation in violence which they fear has been incited by 'macho' ragga music, writes Ian MacKinnon.

Homosexuals in Brixton, a focus for one of the capital's largest gay communities, are to ask Lambeth borough council to improve training for housing officers and give greater publicity to tenancy agreements which make it possible to evict tenants for harassing neighbours.

Activists will also lobby senior police officers to extend a programme monitoring the level of homophobic attacks in the six divisions currently involved in an initiative to persuade homosexuals to have more confidence in the police.

Homosexuals report an increase over the past six or nine months of abuse and physical attacks. Most are convinced that the upsurge is the result of the popularity of ragga music - an aggressive and sexist cross between rap and reggae.

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