Glasgow 10K run to offer competitors wine instead of water

Organisers will be serving wines of the world to participants every two kilometres

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Glasgow is to host a 10k fun run in which competitors will be offered wine instead of water.

Organisers say that, far from trying to get those taking part legless, the plan of giving runners a 20ml "taster" of wine is to encourage more people to take part.

Hundreds of people have already signed up for the event, which will be held on 24 September.

TeamOA has run the event before in West Yorkshire and has also held “chocolat-ons” for runners. 

Wane Law, managing director of TeamOA, said: "We want to put the fun back into running and get people to make a day of the event. We'd love people to bring picnic blankets and enjoy a day out in the countryside."

“Entries will be capped at 600 this year to make sure it's a safe and fun event," he added.

The wine will cost around £7.50 per bottle and will be on sale at the end of the race. 

Event participants will only be permitted to take part if they’re aged 18 or over.