Harrowing video from Network Rail shows the dangers of level crossings

'All too often people get into the habit of taking risks at crossings'

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With Network Rail and the British Transport Police making a concerted effort to raise awareness about the dangers of level crossings, the latest video will do a lot to make pedestrians think more carefully.

The short film, produced by Network Rail, aims at making dog owners in particular make sure their pets are on leads. The video shows how remembering to do such a thing can avoid the risk of losing not your dog's life - but your own.

The video shows a woman walking her dog in a field without a lead. The dog soon runs off away from its owner while she is busy talking on the telephone. She pursues her pet across the field and into a dense forest, before eventually finding the dog on the other side of a level crossing.

To find out what happens next and to learn more about the dangers of not being careful around level crossings, watch the video below.



Warning: Some viewers may find the following video distressing:

During a recent campaign by BTP on raising awareness about level crossings, BTP spokeswoman, Inspector Becky Warren, said: “All too often people get into the habit of taking risks at crossings. Our message is simple – use crossings safely.

”It may be tempting to jump a light to shave a minute or two off your journey, but every time you do, you endanger your life and the lives of other road and rail users.

“Fail to obey the signals and you may also end up with a driving ban or a criminal record. Is it really worth the risk?”