Heads seek abolition of exam leagues

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HEAD TEACHERS called on parents and school governors yesterday to support a campaign to abolish the Government's school league tables.

The National Association of Head Teachers claimed that the national league tables, comparing exam results, were unfair and misleading. The association's general secretary, David Hart, said exam and test results should be made available only to pupils, parents and governors.

'We are under enormous pressure from our members to support withholding results,' he said on the eve of the association's annual conference in Newcastle upon Tyne.

John Patten, the Secretary of State for Education, said in response yesterday: 'The essence of professionalism is an openness to scrutiny. Everyone . . . has a right to know how all schools are performing and whether standards are improving . . . It is critically important for the future of education that we have clear information.'

The association also accused government advisers of 'incompetence' and creating a 'shambles' over the introduction of technology lessons for 16-year- olds. It called on Sir Ron Dearing, who is conducting a review of the national curriculum and testing arrangements, to advise Mr Patten to make technology optional until 1995.