Healthrow: Timetable of attacks

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YESTERDAY's attack on Heathrow was the third in five days.


Eight messages with IRA code- word warning of 'bombs all over Heathrow' telephoned to media between 5.07pm and 5.16pm on Wednesday.

Terminals and approach roads are checked at 5.14pm. Airport not closed.

At 5.56pm four mortars fired from car at Excelsior Hotel. Three rockets land on either side of the northern runway and one on a disused taxi-way 100 yards further south. None explodes.


First of a series of imprecise warnings of another attack at Heathrow issued to news organisations at 5.25pm on Thursday. The airport stays open.

An aircraft carrying the Queen back from a tour of the Caribbean lands at 9.20pm. Other aircraft land until 11.25pm on the southern runway.

At seven minutes past midnight the police receive a report of loud noises heard near Terminal 4.

Three minutes later the southern runway and perimeter road are closed. Terminal 4 sealed off.

Police find three rockets in the south-east area of the airport, close to Terminal 4, and a fourth is found near by in an aircraft parking area.

Police find trestle-type launcher near the Great South West Roadon the southern side of the airport.


Coded warnings are telephoned to news organisations between 6.19am and 6.41am on Sunday. The southern runway is closed.

Clearance given to open southern runway at about 8am, but sounds of mortars launching are heard. Two shells found near Terminal 4.

One of four mortars landed on roof of Terminal 4, none ignited, police later reveal.

Heavily camouflaged launcher found in scrubland off Bedfont Road, on airport's south-west perimeter.