A bitter end to Britain's Indian summer: Freezing temperatures, heavy rain and 50mph winds set to batter the country

Forecasters predict a cold front will move south as the week goes on

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Britain will be hit by freezing temperatures, heavy rain and winds of up to 50mph over the next few days, bringing the glorious Indian summer to a particularly bitter end.

A cold front swept into Scotland in the early hours of this morning introducing high winds and sub-zero conditions to a region that has seen temperatures as high as 22C in recent days.

Forecasters predict the front will move south as the week goes on, bringing rain and cooler temperatures to most parts of the country.

Laura Caldwell, forecaster with MeteoGroup, said all areas of the UK Britain would feel the contrast after basking in above-average temperatures in recent days.

Temperatures would reach a maximum of 13C during the day and plunge into single figures overnight in many parts of Britain, she said.

"Through today colder air will sink southwards and bring a few showers with it and the winds will also pick up, with the eastern coasts particularly windy," she said.

"That colder air is going to be sinking through Thursday and Friday and temperatures will be struggling to get into double figures.

"There are going to be colder, windier conditions.

"Compared to what we have had, it will definitely feel cooler across the UK."