Andrew Mitchell's 'plebgate' bike sells at auction for £10,600

The auction's proceeds will go to a charity helping Kenyan children affected by HIV/AIDS

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The bike at the centre of the "plebgate" row which cost Andrew Mitchell his job as chief whip has been sold in an online auction for £10,600

All the proceeds from the sale will go to the charity Nyumbani UK, which helps Kenyan children affected by HIV/AIDS.

As Mitchell admits, he had an ill-tempered argument with police officers at the gates to Downing Street in September last year, when they wouldn't let him ride the bike through the main gate. The following day, the Sun reported that in an expletive-infested rant, he called the officers "plebs".

Such a furore was caused by the allegation that after a month of bad press, Mitchell resigned.

He insists that he never used that word, and that he fell victim of a deliberate campaign to "toxify" the Conservatives and ruin his career.

On Monday he put the “hard-working” Reflux Westminster on sale, which he says is looking for a “good home out of the limelight”.

According to the listing, the 22-inch framed bicycle has 18 gears and comes complete with a wicker basket and lights.

The charity said the auction attracted more than 31,600 views over five days, with 60 bids in total, but did not reveal the identity of the winning bidder.

Mr Mitchell said: "I am pleased it has raised so much for Nyumbani UK, which helps thousands of Kenyan children orphaned through the HIV pandemic.

"The auction has gone better than I thought it would and I hope the bike's new owner will enjoy riding it as much as I have."

Nyumbani UK chairman Simon Philips said the charity was extremely grateful, adding: "All proceeds will go towards providing these children with the best nutritional, medical, educational and psychosocial care and will definitely make a tangible difference to their lives."

Scotland Yard are still investigating the “plebgate” incident, after a television documentary cast doubt on the original police account.

A Channel 4 investigation found CCTV footage showing that there was no large group of tourists outside the main gate at the time, as had originally been claimed. The veracity of an email from a civilian witness backing up the police account of events has also since been called into question.