April Fools' Day 2016: Stories you thought were pranks, but are in fact genuine

It can be difficult to know which stories to take seriously on 1 April

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April Fools' Day often requires being slightly suspicious of what you read in an effort to avoid being tricked by a prank story.

Here are some stories published in recent days which seem far-fetched enough to fall into the April Fools' Day category, but are in fact genuine.

1. Whoopi Goldberg launches medical marijuana products for period pain

The actress has created a line of balms and bath soaks containing medical marijuana, which are intended to relieve period pain.

2. Dash the dog sparks terror alert at US bank because of confusion over name

Officials at Chase Bank blocked a bank payment of a man with muscular dystrophy because of the name of his assistance dog. The bank issued an alert because they thought the name Dash was similar to “Daesh”, the Arabic acronym for Isis being used by politicians in the US.

3. Politician files resolution calling upon colleagues to stop saying ‘physical’ when they mean ‘fiscal’

Tracy McCreery filed the resolution in the Missouri House of Representatives in March. She told The Washington Post: “I feel like the word ‘fiscal’ is just very critical to doing our job properly. And I feel like that’s a word that we should be cognizant of pronouncing correctly.”

4. Judge says creamery’s all-natural skim milk is not skim milk

An all-natural creamery cannot label its skim milk as “skim milk” because it does not add vitamins to the product, a judge from Florida has said. The move is in line with regulations set out by the state's Department of Agriculture. According to the Associated Press, Mary Lou Wesselhoeft, of Ocheesee Creamery, will have to carry on throwing away her milk unless she labels it "imitation skim milk".

5. Chinese news agency advises the nation against taking part in April Fool’s Day

Xinhua news agency posted the following message on its Weibo social media account: “The so-called Western April Fool’s Day does not conform to Chinese cultural traditions or socialist core values. Hope people won’t believe in rumours, start rumours or spread rumours.”

6. Company uses pineapples to make trainers and sofas

Textile company Ananas Anam is using pineapple leaves to create a leather alternative, called Pinatex, which can then be used to make footwear, accessories and upholstery for furniture, according to Wired. To make just 1sq/m of textile, the leaves of 16 pineapples are needed. 

7. Children in Italy could be taught about wine in schools

According to Il Fatto Quotidiano, children aged between six and 13 could spend one hour a week learning about their country's wine industry. The Local reported that the plan had been proposed by the Left Ecology Freedom party's Dario Stefano in a draft bill. He said being educated about wine would create responsible drinkers.