#AskNigelFarage: Twitter starts hilarious Q&A for Ukip leader

Nigel Farage didn't want a question and answer session but he got one anyway

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Nigel Farage probably did not want a Twitter Q&A on a Friday night and he definitely did not organise one – but it happened anyway.

The impromptu session, using the #AskNigelFarage hashtag, continued into Saturday afternoon despite not a single answer being offered by the Ukip leader.

Some of the questions appeared to be genuine, including on local issues and attempting to verify the Eurosceptic party’s claims on the EU’s power over UK law.

Wags soon jumped on the opportunity to have a dig at Ukip policies, before the hashtag veered wildly off track to take in Scottish football, broken televisions and the question of “who would win in a fight between the Queen and Angela Lansbury?”

The fun seems to have been started by an anti-fascism campaigner using the handle @junayad_ at 6pm on Friday.

Mr Farage’s party came under fire last week for its controversial “Ukip Calypso” song released by a supporter, which was sung with a mock Caribbean accent and referenced immigration

But in his weekly column for The Independent, he called it “harmless” and claimed people should be outraged about the grooming and abuse of children in Rotherham instead.


Based on that reaction, he will not have appreciated some of the questions directed at him via #AskNigelFarage.

First, the serious tweets.

Then, the catty ones.

And these are just weird.