BA stewardess wins £280,000 damages


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A British Airways stewardess who has been unable to return to work since a metal canister fell on her head while on duty is to receive £280,000 damages.

Gail Ormiston-White, 42, claimed she suffered "serious neurological consequences" from the blow to the back of her head while providing drinks for passengers during a delay before take off from Heathrow in July 2008.

The cabin crew member, from Marlow, Buckinghamshire, had gone to the galley to fetch water from a metal canister but another canister containing dry ice had been placed in front of it.

When she moved the ice canister to reach the one she needed, some ice fell to the floor, and the canister itself overbalanced onto her head as she bent down to pick it up.

In papers before the High Court, her counsel, Freya Newbery alleged that BA was negligent or in breach of its statutory duty concerning health and safety.

Today, just before Mr Justice MacDuff was to decide the contested issue of liability, Ms Newbery told him that the case had settled on the basis that Mrs Ormiston-White should receive £280,000 in compensation plus costs.

After the brief hearing, Mrs Ormiston-White said: "I'm just glad it's all over."