Blind woman 'abandoned two miles from home by taxi driver who mocked her disability'


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A blind woman was abandoned two miles from home by a taxi driver who mocked her disability and laughed at her when she could not identify local landmarks, it has been claimed.

Lisa Medgett, who also suffers from epilepsy, said she tried to take a cab to go shopping but was dumped at a petrol station instead by a driver who “goaded” her for not being able to see.

Ms Medgett, from Lee in south London, ordered a taxi from Sure Cars in nearby Hither Green to take her the four miles to Bromley. But, the 42-year-old said, the driver’s attitude “horrified” her.

 “He was really abusive - he was making fun and mocking me. He said ‘you should be able to point things out’, you should know where you are; it is your fault you can’t see’. Then he dumped me by a petrol station in Downham, instead of Bromley - it was very frightening,” she added.

She said the driver dropped her off half-way, claiming she was at her destination, then tried to charge her £50 for the journey, despite only being quoted £9.

Ms Medgett only realised what happened when a passer-by told her she was not in Bromley and helped her order another taxi to take her home.

Michael Ellis, a spokesman for Sure Cars, says the incident was a misunderstanding and that Miss Medgett had been reimbursed for the trip. He added: “The whole situation has been resolved satisfactorily. Miscommunication is the only conclusion that can be drawn.

“There are three sides to every story, her story, the driver’s story and the truth.” He added that the driver was satisfied he had dropped Ms Medgett at the correct destination and speculated that “language barrier issues” may have been at the root of the misunderstanding.