'Car snowboarding' stunt condemned as reckless

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Police today condemned thrill-seekers who have been dangerously "car snowboarding" on icy roads.

A group of young men filmed themselves on a snowboard which was attached to a moving car in Weeley, Essex.

The stunts were posted on the video-sharing website YouTube on Wednesday.

The film clips show a silver hatchback car pulling men along on a multi-coloured snowboard on the icy streets.

An Essex Police spokesman said: "Retaining hold of a motor vehicle or trailer while it is in motion is an offence under the Road Traffic Act, but there are other regulations that would also cover this extremely reckless practice.

"For example, if the person on the snowboard slipping into the path of an oncoming vehicle was killed, the driver of the towing car could be charged with manslaughter or death by dangerous driving.

"Using a car for an unnecessary journey on slippery roads is totally irresponsible, because the car and snowboard would make the road surface even more slippery.

"The snowboard or tow car could also go out of control and hit pedestrians or other vehicles."