Carey's views on marriage 'archaic', says Young


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Lord Carey is clinging to an archaic conception of marriage by opposing plans to give same-sex couples the right to wed, the singer Will Young has claimed. Young became the latest public figure to criticise the former Archbishop of Canterbury, who launched a campaign to oppose legislation being drawn up by the Government which would legalise same-sex marriages by 2015.

Young, 33, who disclosed his homosexuality before winning the 2002 Pop Idol series, told The Independent that Lord Carey was "clearly a man who has time on his hands and column inches through which to fight this archaic fight".

The singer, who also called for a redefinition of the word "gay" to remove remaining derogatory connotations, said: "It is time to reclaim language for beneficial means, to move forward in an ever-improving journey towards intolerance towards homophobia. Unfortunately the words that dribble from Lord Carey's lips are neither welcome, useful or relevant in today's society."

He added: "Can George not dream of the word 'marriage' evolving to represent change? To represent freedom of expression and the freedom to express love between two people whatever sex, colour or religious background?"

Lord Carey's campaign, named the Coalition for Marriage, claims to have collected around 20,000 signatures.