Cars face off in heated but rather polite British road rage incident

“I’ve got just as much determination as you I can assure you.”

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Road rage - the anger that can elicit remarkably aggressive and profanity-ridden language amongst even the most soft-spoken of people. 

One pair of drivers though were above such vulgarity, with video emerging of a road rage incident that’s being described as 'the most British ever'. 

Facing off down a narrow road in Ledbury, Herefordshire, the argument over space quickly descends into a contest of who’s the most stubborn. 

“There’s plenty of room,” says Mark Coates through the window of his car to a woman who clearly disagrees.

As Mr Coates refuses to reverse onto a main road, the woman appears perfectly happy to be filmed, confident as she is in her interpretation of the Highway Code. 

“Well that doesn’t really matter to me I’m not bothered,” she explains to the camera.


As the pair continue to argue over whether there is space for two cars or if Mr Coates should have even turned into the road in the first place, the matter seems to end but with no solution in sight.

As the woman walks back to her car she calls back “You can stay here all night, I’m not moving. I’ve got just as much determination as you I can assure you.”

Finishing his video, Mr Coates declares “That Ladies and Gentlemen is the British public these days,” inadvertently referring to himself as much as his opponent.  

The whole affair was conducted rather more civilly, though no more hilariously, than another incident of recent road rage.

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