Case Study: Company car driver

'If he can simplify car tax it would be great'
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Alison Mortlock, Senior account manager for a Byfleet advertising agency

Alison Mortlock, Senior account manager for a Byfleet advertising agency

Lives: Three-bedroom semi in Woking. Lives with husband Paul, who runs an image library, and Daisy, 19 months. Expecting twins in August.

Age: 36.

Income: £30-40,000.

Company benefits: car, mobile, laptop, sickness benefit, private medical insurance, company matches 5 per cent of salary pension contribution.

Government benefits: Child benefit.

Outgoings (per month): Childminder £600, mortgage £1,000, council tax 147, domestic fuel £100, pension 5 per cent of salary, wine £60-80.

Politics: Voted Conservative and will vote for them again.

Hopes for Budget: Simplified company car tax, extended maternity pay, childcare assistance.

Effect of Budget: £222 better off. An increase in NI payments and taxed company benefits is offset by larger child tax credits. May receive extended maternity pay.

Reaction: "Gordon Brown says he is going to try to simplify company car tax - if he can that would be great. It's good that it hasn't gone up but to be honest it will have no effect on me at all. It's a short-term incentive to encourage voters but after that tax will probably rise.

"The extended maternity pay is fab. It would encourage you to spend more time with your family in that first year. That will be particularly important for me with three young children. I don't think it's too bad a deal for employers either.

There's still a stigma about returning to work as a part-time employee though. Although the Government encourages flexitime it's all waffle really, it doesn't get passed down to employers.

"I'm pleased by the good news on primary school investment as I fall into a bad catchment area and will be forced to decide between paying private school fees or gambling on getting a good state school. Better schools would solve that.

"The news for pensioners is good for my parents - everything's a help, especially when council tax bills are pretty high."

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