Children of sperm donors 'should be told'


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A majority of people believe children should be told if they were conceived by sperm donors, according to a survey for The Independent.

ComRes found 60 per cent of the public think such children should be told "once they reach an appropriate age", 27 per cent disagree and 13 per cent "don't know". There are no significant differences between the attitude of men and women, but opinions vary between different age groups. Fewer than half (47 per cent) of people aged 25-34 believe the children of sperm donors should be informed, but a majority among all other age groups thinks they should be – including 64 per cent of 18-24 year-olds and 68 per cent of those between 45 and 64. Conservative voters are slightly less likely to believe children should be told.

ComRes interviewed 1,000 adults by telephone between March 23-26. Full tables at