Commuters being given badges to encourage them to talk to strangers on London Underground

The badges have so far receive a mixed response on social media

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Commuters on the London Underground have being given badges to encourage them to talk to strangers. 

The “Tube Chat” pins are to be worn if you are interested in talking during your commute. 

The pins have received a mixed response so far with some taking to social media to describe the idea as a “monstrosity”.  

GlitteryAllsorts wrote on Twitter: "What is this monstrosity?! This is too much. Make it stop. Say no to tube-chat."

Miss-N-B added: "I'd rather go on replacement rail than 'chat' on the tube."

But the response was not all negative, as Amy Shaw wrote: "The fact that we are in a society where people have to wear badges so that other people can talk to them is so sad."

Jonathan Dunne, a 42-year-old from Colorado, came up with the idea and handed out 500 of the badges at Old Street station. 

“I thought it would be fun to hand badges out to get a smile or a conversation," he told the Press Association. 

The former NHS worker, who now lives in North London, revealed it made some people smile. "People just grabbed them. Some people thought it was a stupid idea but some people smiled. Now it has gone crazy," he added.

Transport for London (TfL) said they were not responsible for the campaign and were worried the badges might be confused be confused for the “Baby on Board” badges. 

A spokesperson from TfL said they were trying to get in touch with the organiser, as it did not allow it’s branding to be used without permission.