Couple humiliated after Costa Coffee staff write 'fatty fat' on receipt

'It’s blatant and is an insult to a fat person'

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A husband and wife were left humiliated after a Costa Coffee employee wrote “fatty fat” on their receipt. 

Cherrie White and her partner Robert ordered a latte and an Americano with full fat milk from a local outlet in Winchester.

But when they got their drinks they spotted the remark on their bill, reports The Sun.

Mr White said staff told them it was just an in joke. 

“It’s blatant and is an insult to a fat person,” he said. “I pointed it out to my partner and she confronted them.

“We picked the receipt up so we could keep it, because they wanted to throw it away but we kept hold it of it. I said, ‘I want that.’

“My partner said ‘Can you tell me why this is on the receipt, please?’ and the woman said ‘Oh, it’s just a joke between us’. “

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After emailing customer services, Mr White got a reply admitting it was “totally unacceptable”.  

A spokesman for the coffee chain said: "We were concerned to hear about this incident and have been in contact with the customer to apologise."

The employee no longer works for the company.