Damaged chemical container ship MSC Flaminia towed away


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A damaged chemical container ship that was being held 20 miles off the Cornish coast is now being towed to Germany, officials said today.

The fire-ravaged MSC Flaminia has left its holding position south of Land's End and is now being towed to German territorial waters, the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) confirmed.

The departure of the ship followed approval from the UK, France, Belgium and the Netherlands for the vessel to travel through their waters.

The journey is expected to take between four and five days, the MCA said.

The ship, owned by Reederei NSB, caught fire in the mid-Atlantic on July 14.

One crew member died and another is "missing presumed dead".

The stricken 85,823-tonne vessel was laden with a cargo of 2,876 containers, 149 being classed as dangerous goods, the MCA said.

A spokeswoman said yesterday: "While the MSC Flaminia suffered considerable damage, environmental assessments have shown no pollution.

"An international independent inspection team, with representatives from the UK, France and Germany, went on board the vessel last Tuesday."

She added inspectors were "completely satisfied" the vessel is in a "safe and stable condition" to make the journey to Germany.