Diamond launched into space has landed in Lincolnshire in 'finders keepers' treasure hunt

Whoever finds the diamonds is allowed to keep it

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People in Lincolnshire may want to read this en route to Lea, Gainsborough, where a diamond worth tens of thousands of pounds has fallen from the sky – and will belong to the first person who finds it.

The £12,000 cushion cut diamond was mounted to a steel frame attached to a huge helium balloon, and launched into space on Thursday as part of a publicity stunt by London jeweller 77 Diamonds, the Daily Mail reported.

When the balloon reached the edge of space and popped, the enormous rock parachuted back to earth.

With the help of the UK Civil Aviation Authority, the jeweller estimated that the package has landed within a five mile radius of Lea, Gainsborough.

Tobias Kormind, co-founder of 77 Diamonds, told The Independent: “We hope someone finds it today.

"I hope it’s not an artifact that gets discovered by future generations," he joked.

The diamond being launched into space

Excited Twitters users in the area drooling over the prospect of being £12,000 richer posted about the launch using #DiamondInTheSky.