Diver killed in Firth of Clyde after suffering 'bends'


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A diver has died in the Firth of Clyde after incurring decompression sickness – known as 'the bends' – despite an apparent effort by a group of sailors to haul him to safety.

A group of sailors reportedly spotted two men struggling in the water close to the shipwreck SS Kintyre, near Wemyss Bay, at 1pm yesterday. After calling the coastguard they tried to rescue the pair.

A spokesman for Clyde Coastguard said: "The first diver was quite small and had managed to take most of his diving equipment off so it was easier to lift him. But they couldn't manage to lift the second diver in. He was a bigger lad and wasn't able to take his diving equipment off himself so the people in the boat just couldn't lift him in. The rescue helicopter realised that the person in the water was having difficulties and winched him up."

Last night the survivor was taken to a decompression chamber in Millport. His injuries are not thought to be life threatening.