Thousands of dogs to suffer chocolate poisoning this Christmas, research suggests

More than a quarter of cases occur during the festive period

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Thousands of dogs are expected to be treated for chocolate poisoning over the Christmas period this year. 

Figures show there have been approximately 6,609 cases this year already - a 138 per cent increase from 2014. 

More than a quarter of cases occur during the festive period and can cost pet owners an average of almost £300 in vet bills. 

Westley Pearson, Claims & Marketing Director at commented: “If your dog has consumed a small amount of chocolate, you may find they experience vomiting or diarrhoea, either immediately or over the few hours after ingestion. 

“Vomiting is a good sign, as it means your dog is getting rid of the poison, however you should still take your pet to your local vet.”

He also added that dog-owners should take extra care as chocolate poisoning can lead to seizures and comas.

“If your dog has eaten an excessive amount of chocolate, they may experience a feeling of restlessness and a sense of increased energy. This is followed by tremors, weakness and balance problems,” Mr Pearson said. 

“It’s very important that as soon as your dog has eaten the chocolate, you get them examined by a vet. Symptoms such as seizures, muscle spasms and even comas can occur as a result of chocolate poisoning, so take every precaution you can.”