Escalator trips and falls caught on camera

Network Rail releases a compilation of dramatic tumbles caught on camera

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As if falling down (or up) escalators wasn't embarrassing enough, some of these already painfully public incidents have also been caught on camera and published on YouTube for all to see, as part of a safety campaign for commuters in a rush during the festive season.

Train operator Network Rail have complied some of the more turbulent tumbles people have taken from CCTV footage in their 'escalator escapades' video, as a "friendly reminder to take a little extra care when you're travelling during this busy festive period".

The group said more than 400 people had taken a trip on an escalator in 17 of their biggest stations, including Birmingham New Street, London Paddington, Leeds and Edinburgh Waverley.

Robin Gisby, Network Rail’s managing director of network operations, said:"Stations are increasingly busy places but the majority of slips and falls we see could still be avoided. We often see people struggling with several pieces of luggage on escalators when the lift would be easier for them.

"It might sound obvious, but simply holding the handrail can be the difference between an uneventful escalator ride and a bump and bruise – or worse. We hope that the new campaign will act as a friendly reminder to take a little extra care when you're travelling during this busy festive period."

In July, the company released footage showing accidents which had occurred in their stations while people had been drinking, including the moment a man drunkenly falls onto train tracks and underneath a moving carriage.

In the video, an drunk man can also be seen falling on a set of escalators before being dragged up and down them repeatedly, whilst another man attempts to kick a pigeon off the side of track, only to miss and then fall off himself.

The footage is accompanied by slogans such as "the pigeon will always win when you're beer goggled" and "you'll get in a spin if you're pie eyed".