Exec banned from Soho House – for wearing a suit

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A senior executive at Bell Pottinger, adviser and image-maker to the rich and influential, has been banned from his club for being too well dressed.

Whereas most clubs might be expected to baulk at jeans or the lack of a tie, Peter Bingle was banned from Soho House for six months for coming dressed in a suit.

He was told he had breached the casual dress code, in place because it is a club for the creative industries.

Mr Bingle, the chairman of Bell Pottinger Public Affairs, said he was saddened by the "bizarre" ruling against being properly dressed. He wrote in a blog: "Is it really the case that the wearing of a suit makes me uncreative and unrelaxed? There is no greater supporter of the creative industries than me but does everybody in it all have to look the same? Have I got it wrong or has the world gone crazy?"

A spokeswoman for Soho House said: "Its important to us that we create a relaxed, casual and overall, a friendly environment for our members. While this may be frustrating for some, we are within our rights to make decisions based on that ethos. Sadly not everyone will like it."