Far-right groups hold protest only to find themselves outnumbered 10-1 by anti-fascist demonstrators

Photos and videos show a few dozen South East Alliance supporters among hundreds of opposing activists

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A rally organised by far-right groups in London resulted in apparent humiliation as protesters found themselves outnumbered 10-1 by anti-fascist demonstrators.

The opposing marches in East Croydon were overseen by police, who ensured the factions kept a safe distance from each other.

The South East Alliance planned an anti-immigration protest outside the Home Office headquarters for visa and immigration services.

Images from the scene, posted and shared on social media, may have disappointed right-wingers who were hoping for a larger turnout.

Non-profit group Hope Not Hate tweeted: “The massed ranks of the far-right, protesting outside a (closed) immigration office in Croydon today,” showing a photo of a small handful of men holding a flag and surrounded by at least two dozen police officers.

There appeared to be around 40 people on the far-right side.

They held signs that read “say no to sharia” and “immigration ruined our NHS and social housing”.

Present at the rally was reported chairman of the South East Alliance, Paul Prodromou, formerly the chairman of the Essex branch of the English Defence League.

The United Against Fascism and the Public and Commercial Services union reportedly drew around 400 protesters.

They vowed to “stand up, fight back” when sections of their communities were attacked or discriminated against.

There was little disruption throughout the protests, although one bystander was mistaken for a member of the South East Alliance by members of the counter-protest, resulting in a brief scuffle.

The Metropolitan Police said it had cordoned off one part of the street and that there had been some public transport disruptions due to the protests.