Farmers protesting over milk price cuts end blockade of Dairy Crest plants


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The farmers who have been protesting against planned milk price cuts, which would see many of them losing hundreds of pounds per day, have called off their action against one dairy firm after talks this morning. But demonstrations against the other dairy were firms were set to continue tonight.

Farmers for Action told its members to stop their blockade of Dairy Crest plants after the firm agreed to temporarily set aside the price cut, which was due to come into force next Wednesday.

A statement issued by Farmers for Action announced the agreement. It read: “All energy will now be concentrated on the other companies and these protests continue.”

Dairy Crest said two of its retail customers have agreed to pay a supplement to support farmers. “Although all of the additional revenue from these customers will be fed back to farmers it is not enough to completely reverse the previously announced cut,” read a statement.

Mike Sheldon, the firm’s milk procurement director, said: “We are in no doubt about the difficulties that the farmers affected by the forthcoming August price cut have been facing.”