Fifty Shades of Grey: London Fire Brigade live tweets embarrassing film-related call-outs

It's been a busy few days for the LFB

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Spare a thought for the London Fire Brigade (LFB) in the midst of all this Fifty Shades of Grey hysteria.

In the past few weeks, B&Q prepared for an increased demand in ropes and Ann Summers watched handcuff sales soar in anticipation of the erotic novel's film adaptation.

But the LFB say they have had to deal with an increasing number of people getting certain things stuck in awkward places - a trend they also say started when the Fifty Shades trilogy was first released.

LFB has now launched its own campaign in response, cleverly entitled Fifty Shades of Red, to encourage the public “to think carefully before getting themselves into sticky situations”.

The fire brigade is so concerned about this apparent trend it decided to tweet some of the more unfortunate cases experienced by amorous couples they believe are a product of this Fifty Shades madness.

The overwhelming tendency appeared to be men finding themselves stuck in penis rings.

Although some men also managed to get themselves stuck in more unusual places.

Then there were the men who liked the idea of a challenge.

While some incidents were more eye-watering than others.

There were also rescues that seemed to be somewhat more tenuously linked to the Fifty Shades film.

Meanwhile, misplaced keys continued to prove problematic for other couples.

But one borough in particular got into more difficulty than the rest.

Let these Tweets serve as a warning to you all...