Flights disrupted by fog and power cut at Gatwick airport

Delays and some cancellations at Heathrow and London City airports

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Early morning fog combined with a mid-day power cut has resulted in chaos for thousands of air travellers at one of London's busiest airports.

The fog led to delays and some cancellations at Heathrow, London City and Gatwick airports, with British Airways among airlines affected.

Gatwick was then hit by a powercut at 1pm, causing an effective shut down of the south terminal. Passengers were initially left struggling to check in their bags and those arriving were left waiting on planes or stuck in departure lounges. 

Representatives of the airport have since said on Twitter that passengers can continue to check-in as normal from they terminal they were due to depart from.

Of today's incident, Gatwick said: “We are currently experiencing a power outage affecting some operational systems in the south terminal. Unfortunately this is causing some delays for passengers and we apologise for any inconvenience this is causing.

”We are working to fix the problem and looking at what contingencies we can put in place in the meantime to minimise disruption.

“We advise all passengers scheduled to fly out of the south terminal today to check the status of the flight with their airline first and check the flight information on our website. We are also advising passengers to expect some delays.”