Wales flooding risk reduced for thousands of homes after £165m investment

Developments have helped to protect 6,700 properties since November 2011

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Wales has invested £165 million in resources to reduce the flood risk to thousands of homes in the country, a report has shown.

More than 340 coastal and river flood defence schemes have been implemented since November 2011, reducing the flood risk to approximately 6,700 properties, according to Natural Resources Wales.

However, more than 200,000 homes are still vulnerable to flooding, with 61,000 classed as being at high or medium risk.

Flooding in Wales is estimated to have cost £71 million between November 2011 and March 2014, with over 1,000 homes and businesses affected and rail and road networks disrupted.

The report highlights how developments made to manage the flood and coastal erosion risk, using investments mostly from the Welsh Government and European Union, are estimated to have avoided £3 billion in damages during the winter storms of 2013/2014.

No properties were found to be at risk of being lost to coastal erosion, but the report said that 2,216 homes could be endangered during the next 100 years without active intervention.


Emryr Roberts, chief executive of Natural Resources Wales, said: "The last two years have seen some of the most significant flooding in Wales for a generation, both inland and on the coast. Notable erosion of parts of the coastline has also occurred.

"These serve to remind us of the significant risks these pose to communities and of the continued efforts that are needed to help keep them safe and attractive places for people to live, work and visit.

"The National Strategy and the culture of working in partnership between organisations and with the communities themselves form a solid foundation on which to meet the challenges ahead."