Gay man comes out live on LBC Radio - and the reaction is perfect

'Sometimes I have trouble thinking I do deserve love'

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A homosexual man finally came to terms with his sexuality live on the radio as he openly said “I am gay”.

Dominic phoned LBC Radio and spoke about his struggles growing up in a world in which he felt “different” and a “freak”.

“Sometimes I have trouble thinking I do deserve love. I feel guilty within myself,” he told presenter Cristo Foufas.

Dominic said that even watching a film made him feel “different to all of the rest” because of the prevailing narrative of the traditional heterosexual romance.

He added: “It seems like you’re totally alone in a world where everyone else is different and you are the freak, you’re the weirdo, and you’re disgusting in a way”.

The touching exchange saw Foufas reassure Dominic that he had nothing to be ashamed of, as his praised his bravery for appearing live on air.

And there was an outpouring of emotion as listeners texted and tweeted the radio station to express their support:

“I think I’m a bit more accepting of myself to say that after this conversation,” Dominic said.