Girl, 12, writes to Queen to stop family's eviction from Crown Estate home

Hundreds of countryside properties could be sold

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A 12-year-old girl has written to the Queen asking the monarch to stop her family being evicted from their home.

Jasmine Wright lives in Swaton, Lincolnshire, with her parents and brother but their house is one of about 200 being sold by the Crown Estate.

She wrote: "As you have lived at Buckingham Palace for so long I thought you might understand how we feel."

Her father, Jason Wright, has started a petition against evictions in the area, which is one of many across the country where the Crown Estate lets residential properties.

He told the BBC he had lived in the home for 22 years and spent an estimated £30,000 on renovations.

"We spent thousands on the basis of a verbal assurance that the Crown don't kick you out as long as you pay the rent,” he said.

"There's absolutely no compassion for the people. They are not bothered. We are just numbers."

A spokesman for the Crown Estate said it had given families up to six months’ notice.

The director, Paul Clark, told the BBC: "We understand that this will be difficult news for some of our tenants, which is why we are approaching our commercial mandate in a responsible manner by offering all of those affected the chance to discuss purchasing these properties, should they wish."

Properties could be sold in about 30 locations across the UK including in Somerset. A spokesman said the properties are being sold in order to “re-invest elsewhere”.

The Crown Estate has more than 700 rural residential tenancies, mainly former farm cottages and farmhouses.

The Queen has no control over the authority but receives 15 per cent of its profits from the Treasury.